The ZKM has been housed in a listed, former industrial building since 1997. The start of construction was 1915, so

Peter Weibel outlines the concept of GLOBALE in an interview with Matthias Kampmann. Matthias Kampmann: Where do you see the

… to understand the complexities of art to avoid misunderstandings?«   As prelude to the »Infosphere«, the ZKM shows a

Dismantling and montage of 4.400 sprinkler Dismantling and montage of 10 km sprinkler pipeline network, corresponds to 35 t Dismantling

Maikel Nabil lectured on his experience during the Egyptian Revolution. Based on his personal experience as a political detainee subjected

The democratically organized theater, from the start a self-financed enterprise, has been summoned to vacate the historical theater building three

ZKM Director Peter Weibel spoke at the re: publica 2014 about the interdependence of the analog and digital worlds. The

Construction of the piece of art by Wolf Vostell (1932 – 1998) for the upcoming exhibition “Beuys Brock Vostell” at