open day

“Dong, Dong, Dong, chirp, bling”

Open Day 2013 at the ZKM | Karlsruhe

On Open Day many visitors used the opportunity to visit the exhibition »Sound Art. Sound as a Medium of Art« for the last time. This expressed itself, among others, in the somewhat anarchic, eight-hour sound concert, drown out by the vivid “dong” of the favorite work of art “Life counts death” by Werner Reiterer.

In addition to those who visited the exhibition by themselves or were equipped with sheets for the museums rally, many visitors joined the free guided tours. During these, visitors not only listened and tested, but themselves even set new music and performed creatively, such as in the Action guided tour “Sound Comic”, in which participants made the works speak and sound with colorful “comic bubbles” or assumed the role of a curator, holding speeches and providing answers on works of art.

In the media workshop, a colorful and very creative public were busy with animations. On a trail between the Media Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art captions were printed on 60 meters of unprinted newspaper. Meanwhile children of all ages – inspired by the presentation of  “Giselas Logbuch” [Gisela’s logbook] – could design their own elaborate popup-cards.

Visitors were able to take a break in the homely reader’s corner installed in the HfG artrium – with almost 11.000 visitors, a coffee, a comfortable seat and a normal, analog Sunday newspaper between activities really does some good!

Text: ZKM | Museum Communication

ZKM Tag der offenen Tür

ZKM Tag der offenen Tür

ZKM Tag der offenen Tür

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