NGOs and aid organizations continue to gear their funding policies to projects that claim to seek or proffer solutions to

Over the last decade, the Internet has been a laboratory not just for technical, but more importantly, for social innovation.

They have names like Sada al-Sham [Echo of Syria], Enab Baladi [Grapes of My Country], or Souriatna [Our Syria]. The

Over the last twenty years much has been said about the permeability of borders in order to promote the benefits

On the Correct Medication of Political Action Art   In the museum that is part of Berlin’s Memorial to the

In 1995 the Border Research and Technology Center (BRTC) was opened; it is operated by Sandia National Laboratories, located in

Art Activism and the Mask of the Institution   “[…] we may see the overall meaning of art change profoundly

Edgar Endress is a George Mason University assistant professor teaching new media and public art. Born in Chile, he has