Duran Adam – The standing man at the ZKM In solidarity with the democratic protest movement in Turkey, ZKM Chairman

Art Activism and the Mask of the Institution   “[…] we may see the overall meaning of art change profoundly

Free, free, free the pavement! Egyptian air is good for the lungs Turn Red Square into Tahrir! Have a great

Today, with Tunisia rebuilding itself in the wake of the 14 January 2011 Revolution, discussing art in the public space

When he was elected mayor of İstanbul in 1994 Tayyip Erdoğan found a couple of ready-made large-scale projects waiting for

In the Western world, post-1945 and contrary to the political appropriation of the topic during the Third Reich and in

If you live near Tahrir, your imagination will start to soar. Then again, anything that soars too high up above

Globalization and technological development have given rise to civil activism world-wide. We can identify two phases of globalization: the first