13.12.2015 As part of the Bundeskanzlerstipendium Caroline Menezes is currently as guest at the ZKM. In this interview the curator, art

The Italian physicist Fabrizio Tamburini is presenting his new model of light: light as a vortex, as a twisted electromagnetic

In the December 2014 edition of the »The New Yorker« George Packer expressed his surprise about »The Quiet German« in

Dorcas Müller’s »The Creation of Neuros« in the video programme of Women’s Perspectives 2015 The video begins with the following

Only on the internet: Women Video Work(s) – A virtual contribution to the Karlsruhe Frauenperspektiven 2015 Not only were the

Dismantling and montage of 4.400 sprinkler Dismantling and montage of 10 km sprinkler pipeline network, corresponds to 35 t Dismantling

We discovered how to do this in a workshop held on December 13. With the use of a magnifying glass,

Actions are ephemeral events susceptible to mediation only in fragments by way of photographs, documents and props. Thus, film had