Command Center Smartphone: with the winner App of the Special Prize “Crowd Art” LASACT, users control the direction of motion

Or: »How I Used the AppArtAward 2013 Prize Money.«   For his App »Mobile Phone Orchestra QQ« Andrew Bluff won

Maikel Nabil lectured on his experience during the Egyptian Revolution. Based on his personal experience as a political detainee subjected

Have you already heard about ArtOnYourScreen (AOYS), the new ZKM online exhibition platform? Absolutely location independent, all you require for

The ZKM | Karlsruhe was visited by ninth-grade pupils of the Reuchlin High School and the Galabov High School in

from June 2015/ at the ZKM and at selected locations in the city of Karlsruhe Globalization has transformed the world.

ZKM Director Peter Weibel spoke at the re: publica 2014 about the interdependence of the analog and digital worlds. The

NGOs and aid organizations continue to gear their funding policies to projects that claim to seek or proffer solutions to